About us

My name is Vernal Harding. I co-created this company with my brother Frederick. We are a small local company with the heart of a giant established in 2015. We started out as a small, no name company right here in Madison, Wisconsin. We had an idea that no one wanted to touch. But we believed in what it was that we were doing, and who we were doing it for, the incarcerated. So we did just that. Stayed focused and true to our word, treat every one of our clients as if they were our only one and always remembered the community in which we came from. It has been 6 years since we started, but it seems like a life time since the first day we mailed out our first catalog. Since then we have brought thousands of smiles and warm feelings to family members all of the country from those who at one time, had no way to send anything. We have helped the incarcerated have an easy way to send Birthday and holiday gifts to loved ones, as well as a way to help children stay connected and in contact with their parents who are serving time. We have grown over the past 6 years and expanded to cater to all walks of life.  Our website and stores focus has expanded, and we now offer a wide variety of affordable gifts for the everyday shopper. 

If you would like to learn more about our company, the team and what it is we do. Please feel free to look us up on Facebook at Harding Bros. LLC Gifts And More, and follow us on Twitter. Or just take a moment and visit our web site at Hbsgiftshop.com